All right boys, let's, go to mack's height and let's. Try not to miss this shot. It's, going to be a 21 kill game. If i hit this shot, if not it's, just gonna be a fail. Well, we started this live stream.

Just for this, and well hopefully, this pays off. Okay, this is the last guy i don't know if he's low. If he's not, but i got ta go in for a 220 shot on his head with this charge, shotgun to win the game yeah.

I know this sounds dumb and that's, why i like it? Okay again, don't! Try this! Unless you're good with charged shotguns, i'm, pretty bad with them, and that's. Why we're gonna? Do it we're gonna reach max height.

I mean right now. If he knocks down the whole structure, we might get clapped, but if he doesn't, we're gonna die anyways, because we don't have a crash pad to back ourself up foot. Okay, oh my god. This is the worst idea ever if you guys want me to try something even more dumb.

Let me know in the comments, but don't ever try this in fortnite, okay, i think we're going to reach max height boys, [, Music ], all right, let's, keep on going up and up wait there. We go, hopefully he's, not knocking down the structure.

[ Music ], as if i can't build it's either i reach max's height or he has knocked down the complete structure. Okay, let's, wait where this circle is gonna go next and then i'll start building up even more.

I got ta go over there. I don't have a lot more mats. I got ta. Do it now it's. Never! Ah, i have no mats, no, no! No! No! No! I got ta place the pad there's. No way this would have been the biggest fail.

Oh my god, you know why. Let's finish off the game, with the no scope at least. Are you kidding me? I'm out of mats? Oh no, i'm out of mats and there we go the picture yeah. That just happened right now.

We literally started last year for that that was epic. If you haven't already go ahead and hit that subscribe. Button turn on the notification bell, just like the corey who did subscribe right now, leave a like, because that was pretty fun and also if you want to support the channel click on in-game, locker click on supported creator code in the item shop and use code garu.

As it will directly support the channel and thanks to everyone who uses code garu again, hashtag, hashtag partner and well, that was a close one, but at least we did it. Imagine if we missed that