Collect Books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands Location - Fortnite

Hello, everybody i'm in the letterwood, also known as martin welcome back to the channel and welcome back to fortnight. So it's week, seven and you need to go ahead and find yourselves five books. Now these are in a mixture of sweaty sands and also a holly hedges um.

Personally, i can only find two in sweaty sand at the moment. If you do happen to find more, then do let me know in the comments section below, but we do have enough, at least in this video, to get the challenge completed.

So the first one you're looking for is gonna, be all the way over here. So, basically, as soon as you enter the town, just north of the south of the hotel, the first building right here you go in you swing through the door on the left and you & # 39.

Ve got a book chilling out right about there, and this is what it looks like it's, a green book with kind of like a sort of like a beige shield on the front of it as well um, so basically on the map. This is where you're, looking right over here nice and simple uh.

Next, one is literally just the next building along, so you go into here through the uh. The northern end go through this doorway and just before the staircase right there by the bookshelf, you can find another book chilling out right about there.

Now let's, go to holly hedges, just as a quick reminder as well. If you haven't already use code in the little word in the item shop and if you haven't subscribed to the channel just yet, then why not? There's literally 78 of people watching these videos that come here every single week, every single month, every single season that haven't subscribed.

Just imagine that the leaping numbers, if everybody did it so, if you haven't yet press the red button, it's free. You can change your mind. Give it a go. I don't. Think you'll, regret it uh right then, starting off at holly hedges.

We're in the north western corner. We are going to the yellow house and the first book is right about here. There you go as soon as you walk. You through the front door on the left by the bookshelf, you'll, find the first one just there um.

Just as a note. The only building that doesn't have one in at least not that i can find um. Is this one here on the western side of town? So obviously you & # 39. Ve got the yellow house just here um, but this blue house on the west side, doesn't seem to have one uh.

Let's, move over to the double garage house, then so you go into here and you would think. Oh it's, gonna be right by the bookcase right. It's. Not if you go through to the center of the house on the ground floor swing through to the last room and there you are so basically you're.

Looking where the double garage doors are. You want to go in through this window and basically the book is chilling out right about there uh next up, we & # 39. Ve got oh actually to be fair. This house, also doesn't, have one as well, so this uh this grey one.

Once you come up the hill i can't seem to find a buck in here. I've. Had a little look around. Nothing seems to come up uh, maybe in replay mode, not all of them show, but at least these ones do uh. Next up, we've got the tall narrow greenhouse.

This is on the south eastern corner of holly hedges, as you might expect. Uh. Basically, you want to go to the ground floor right by the back door. Just next to the fireplace there is another book right there and then your final one is in the dog house.

We call it that, because there's, literally a dog house outside so going through the front door, make an immediate right and just over here in the corner by the filing cabinet. You have got your fifth and final book that might be six actually by the way you & # 39.

Ve got enough to finish the challenge, so i hope you found this helpful. If you did, then, as i said, code subscribe comment like all the youtubey stuff and i'll see you next time. Bye,