Find Car Parts (All 3 Locations) - Fortnite Week 2 Epic Quest

Hello, everybody - i'm in the letter word also known as martin, and sometimes the data mining isn't quite right uh. So this week the car parts aren't the ones i mentioned in a previous video. You may have never even seen it um over in the hunters what's.

It called the hunter's haven. In fact, the first one that i was able to find like many other people, uh resides right here. This is the first car park, so this is the scrap yard just a little bit west of dirty docks um.

So your first car part is right here. So, basically, on the kind of like the south eastern end or sorry southwestern end of it, then what you want to do is you want to come across the length of this um, this scrap yard, and if you go right into this top corner here by the Fence, just by the little bit of wreckage and in a little bit of tall grass, you can find your second piece right about there and then, of course, the map shows you that there is one more over here in dirty docks.

Now this one's really tricky to find, because it makes it seem as though it's going to be on this top part. Here i've, been exploring that building top to bottom even explored the hell out of like this building here in this area.

Here it's, just a little smidge further south. So when you & # 39, ve got the triple roof. Building the red one go a little bit south of it and in this grey container right here, just as you go in on the floor, it's right there, oh god that has been probably the most deceptive one out of all of the challenges.

So far in chapter two um, if you did find this video helpful, then be sure to leave a like on it. Subscribe to the channel ring the bell and use code in the little wood in the item. Shop have a wonderful day, and i'll, see you later bye.