Investigate Mysterious Claw Marks Locations (Week 1 Wolverine Challenge) - Fortnite Battle Royale

Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Welcome to season four everybody hello! There i'm in the little wood, also known as martin. I am not awake enough for this much energy, but let's get started. Shall we challenge us for this season? If you do happen to buy the battle pass or any of the new skins, then code in the littlewood is what you want to drop in uh and let's get started with wolverine, even though we can't even play as Wolverine, yet we can go ahead and do his challenges.

We need to find ourselves basically three different locations where there are suspicious claw marks. Clearly he's lashed out um. He didn't, get any hot dogs at the barbecue at weeping. Woods - and this is basically how things begin so, first and foremost, you're, going to want to drop over to the rv park in the bottom right corner of the weeping woods um.

I'm going to pop inside and just quickly get myself a weapon, because i'm worried that someone's just going to try and like clock me off so there you go. Oh! Is that the pump shotgun back hello there you go and basically, on the northeastern end, this green rv right here.

This is your first wolverine claw right about there fantastic uh. Next one is really simple to locate. Actually, it is in the dead center of everything, and it is in the pond again just looking for any more weaponry just to try and stay alive.

I'm doing this in an actual game rather than in replay mode, which is why i'm. A little bit scared a little bit scared right. Let me quickly grab a bit of you as well: lovely right, then so the next one is over here by the pond.

So if you have a little nosey here, you can see the next one is right about there, fantastic anytime. The screen darkens like that for a second as well, everybody that is literally me just getting a print screen.

I always see people in the comments like what's going on with this graphics card, but that's, essentially what it is uh. The next one requires you to come to the most northern house in the weeping woods.

Okay and you want to come towards uh, the back sorry, the front end of it and basically right beneath the surface. You can find the final claw marks right about there. Let me see if i can clap this boy before we head on off.

Let's, have a look: where are you at buddy come on come on, come on where you at no, we don't got time for this. The longer the the bigger the file size than the video is the longer this video is going to end up being we'll.

See, though oh is he coming? He's coming. Where is he you're right there, but hey guys, nice, oh boy? Oh he's an editor. He's an editor, but that ain't gonna help. You buddy that ain't gonna help you, but you can edit me out, go on.

I dare you, i dare you nice. Oh he's. He's, a scaredy cat. All right, i'm out, see you later thanks for watching everybody, bye-bye