The 14.50 update is here, and we got some free cosmetics right off the bat i'm, definitely going to go ahead and equip this right now, because this skin is pretty awesome. Let's, go ahead and equip this.

Let's, go ahead and equip the backlink as well. That is so cool and we got another free backlink. I'm gonna claim this right now and we just got the brand new skin. It should be another one of these drones.

Oh wait. Powersmithing item is back. What whoa powersmithing item is back [, Music ]. Now we got this. Yes, we got the jet pack stock industries, jet pack, [ Music ], let's, see yo. The jet pack looks hella clean, not gonna lie.

This is way too. Awesome. Wait is that it is this an infinite jet pack? Okay, oh so the fuel goes up and down again it's, an infinite jet pack with unlimited fuel, [, Music, ] yo. That is so cool. Let's! Try to go in and see if there's.

Other mythic abilities in the mix right now because we got the porsche mythic ability. Imagine this with jet packs and then she held space whoa. She just kicked in air. Do you guys see that? And we got another jet pack out of this? This was inside the fishing thing: okay, that's, pretty cool, literally gonna be brand new skins coming up real soon.

So if you want to support the channel use code garu in the fortnite item shop as it actually supports the channel - and it allows me to do all the awesome stuff around the channel possible for you guys so thanks to every single one who uses code garu In the item shop and i'll catch, you guys in the brand new live stream which is going to take place tomorrow and there's, going to be a video on this channel and on the channel to subscribe to both the Channels right