Fortnite just got a brand new update and with that we have new bosses in the game. So, on today's. Video i'm gonna show you guys all the new bosses, all the new mythic items and all the vault keycard locations in the current update.

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If you love watching my videos, so the first boss that we have right now is gonna, be the brand new midas boss. Who is back again all right, so we are dropping in at the brand new poi, so we can go ahead and clap the midas boss and get all of his mythic items and check out the boss for the first time ever.

This place is a brand new location and well all of these henchmen. They have pumpkin launchers with them. So we better be careful and loot up whoa easy there that guy just used the pumpkin launcher. We better be careful because there's, so many guys over here and there is henchman's everywhere with crossbows and oh boy.

Let's, go ahead and take him on completely and well. He is down it's time for us to go ahead and get ourselves the crossbow and defeat the midas boss for the first time ever all right, i hear the footsteps of midas.

He's literally above us right now. Let's, go ahead and let's, clap him and let's, see where he's at so right over here, where jules usually used to spawn. He's. Gon na be right over there, so let's, go ahead and let's.

Take him out and well. He has the mythic item with himself right now, so we better be careful all right. Let's. Take him out completely there we go, he goes down and we got his henchmen as well. So let's.

Take him out as well and oh well. We got ourselves the midas boss right in front of us with all the brand new mythic items that just got added in the game. You know what let's, go ahead and let's, shake him down there's.

A henchman who's trying to clap me as well. We better be careful all right. You know what let me just go ahead and let's. Take him out real quick there. We go all right, let's. Go ahead and let's, eliminate the boss and let's find out what we get out of the midas boss.

Oh look at that. That is the brand new mythic ability, which is the shadow minuses drum gun. You know what that means, let's, go ahead and use this and let's, eliminate the other bosses and let's. Find out.

Is the mythic item really op or not after this? We are also gonna check out the she-hulk's, mythic ability as well in this video. So this is gonna be pretty awesome, but first let's, use the drum gun and let's, clap the iron man boss and get all of his mythic items as well.

So iron man is going to be located inside stock industries and well even this place got a little spooky update right now, because there's, a lot of fog everywhere. Alright, let's. Take him out! He's right over there.

Well, let's, see if the drum gun is actually op or not, and well we better be careful because we got to reload this as well, but in general, if you actually have a look over here, we actually took out the iron man boss, With the drum gun - and now we have all the other mythic abilities as well with the key card so right over here, you guys can come down and open the keycard ball location for iron man and get yourselves all the loot cuz from here.

We are gonna go over to the next mythic item. We just got added in which is gonna be for the she-hulk, and for this we got ta drop in at these quinjet patrol sites and as a bonus i'm gonna show. You guys another mythic ability that we can get from these quintet patrol sites.

So basically, we're, going to go ahead and take out all of these drones and once you're, taking out all of these drones by taking out all these stock robots, you guys can get yourselves the brand new mythic ability.

Let's. Take this, and now it's time for us to go ahead and clap all these stock robots who are defending this place. There's, gonna be five of them in total, so be careful and take all of them out, because otherwise they won't.

Let you take out their mythic items from them. So let's. Take out this guy as well, and there's to be another one right over here, the final guy and now, since all of them are down. We are going to go and have a look out for the brand new mythic item.

Let's, see what we get out of that one. Okay, we got a blue ar let's, go ahead and take this one out and let's, see what we get all right. Another blu-ray out, let's, have a look on this one come on and we got a scar, and this is the final one.

Let's, see what we get out of this one and we got the mythic ability. Let's, go all right, so we're gonna take this mythic ability right now and test it out against doctor doom, and we are going to find out if she helps fist is any better than the other mythic abilities.

Well, this mythic ability is pretty awesome because you guys can jump at super high speed and you guys can crush any object which is on your way so right now we're gonna heal off and go all the way and give donkey doom.

A visit so that we can test out the brand new mythic ability against the henchmen and the bosses all right. So i'm at doom's domain right now, and i'm gonna disguise myself just so. We can fight off doctor doom with the brand new mythic ability and take all of his keycard and all of his mythic items and see if this item even stands a chance.

So basically, dr doom is either gonna spawn in next to his vault, but if he's not over here, that means he's gonna be inside his house right now. So right in front of me, you guys can see that there's gonna, be this green house and well.

This house belongs to dr doom. So right now let's, go ahead and fist fight him and let's find out. Who is the strongest one right now? Let's scan ourselves. There we go all right where's, dr doom, he should be on the first floor right now, all right there.

He is right in front of me. So let's, go ahead and start taking him out and let's, see if he stands a chance or not against us. Oh okay, 100 hits that is kind of op and he goes down now. That is really op.

Okay, the shields fist is awesome, let's, go ahead and take him out and let's, move over to the next boss as well. Let's also take his key card and there we go, and now we're sad all right. We got in a car right now and we are gonna go ahead and give the next boss a new visit with our brand new mythic items, and you might have actually realized that there is a lot of fog right now and finding wolverine at these circumstances Is kind of tough, but i have a solution for you guys with which i'll, be finding the wolverine boss really easily, so simply go on your settings right now and turn on the visual sound effects.

So if wolverine is walking next to you, you will get the location, even if you don't see him well right in front of me. We got ourselves the wolverine boss and we got his footsteps right now. Whoa he's literally in front of me.

So well, you guys know the drill the way on how i actually take out wolverine boss. So i'm gonna go ahead, and do this make one ramp like this and there we go. Then we're gonna wait for him to like stand still and when he's standing still well, we're gonna go all in on him all right, easy.

There wolverine come on and well he's. Gon na go down there, we go, he goes down. Let's, finish him off with the hulk smashers. Oh there we go. We got ourselves a mythic ability of wolverine as well. If you're dropping in at these quintet patrol sites, you guys can get some more mythic abilities.

So let me show you guys the next mythic ability that we can get for ourselves. This place is going to be guarded heavily with these stock robots. So you better watch out cause right now in the game there's, only a spawn of two quintet patrol sites in the whole game.

So right now i'm gonna go ahead and open this chest and simply take out all of these stock robots right now, but be careful because yeah they can pretty much laser. You pretty well all right. There's two more over here, so let's.

Take this guy out and let's. Take this guy out as well and after this there's, going to be another guy over here. So let's, take out the last guy, and now we can finally go ahead and take out all of these supply drones.

There's, another one over there and another one over here, and there should be another one roaming over here somewhere. So let's, have a look and let's, see if we got the mythic abilities out of those three.

Are we gonna? Have a look for the last one as well? Wait there's; the last supply drone right over there. So let's, go ahead and break this and let's, see okay. There's, a blue item over there and let's, see if we got animatic abilities out of these four.

Yes, we got two mythic abilities. Well, we got two black panthers mythic ability, and that is pretty awesome. Fornet said that we can get ourselves some mometic abilities in the upcoming days from these supply zones.

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