NEW VENOM MYTHIC ABILITY! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Yo, what's, going on guys? My name is garu and the 14.60 update, which was finally awaited. It's. Finally, here, and this update is just amazing because in this update, not only we are getting ourselves a chance to unlock ourselves.

The venom skin, but on top of that, we're, also getting our cell symmetric ability of venom, and on top of that galaxy's presence has also increased. So we're gonna go ahead and check out all the free cosmetics and all the latest update that just came out in the 14.

60 update. We'll log it in in the 14.60 update, and we're, going to go ahead and check out on galactus, but before that, fortnite is like. You know what here's, some free cosmetics for you. So, thank you for now for the free stuff, very appreciate it one of your cosmetics items that includes additional items, so it's, pretty cool, so i'm gonna go ahead and equip this, and on top of this we also Got ourselves a brand new caster skin cell, which is pretty cool? If you guys have not seen this already, if you head over to the battle, pass tab right now, there should be galactus appearing really soon at this place, because it hasn't leaked out that galactus is gonna be here and he's gonna look something like this, which is gonna, be pretty cool.

So right now we're gonna hop in a game, and we're gonna see if galactus is in the game and obviously there's, a lot of new skills and cosmetics that will be coming up in The item shop, if you want to support the channel, then use code garu in the phone at item shop as the code does reset every 14 days, hashtag hashtag partner and thanks to every single one.

We use this code garden in the item shop and right now. Let's, go ahead and let's, hop in a game and let's check out the venom smithing ability all right there's, a few more stock robots over there wait that is fruits, mythic ability.

What the smithing ability is back right now that is so cool that was literally out in the first update and the fact that it's. Finally, back up again, that makes me super happy. Oh, we got ourselves regrouped, symmetric ability right now and that is pretty cool roots.

Bramble shield, if you guys don & # 39, t know what it does. It will basically protect you from any incoming damages and will also heal you while you are at it. So you know what it's time for us to go at a different, quinja petrol site and check out.

Where is the venom symmetric ability, but the fact that the boot scramble is now out it just makes me happy come on. Yes, we got ourselves the venom's, mythic ability for the first time ever in the battle, royale game modes, venom smash and grab.

It is literally right there in front of us right now, as we speak, all right, let's. Just say we got ourselves, this pump right having an epic pump is definitely gonna, be better. Let's just say: if someone is running away, you guys can go ahead and pull them in and bam.

One tap is all it takes literally 200. In the head - and they will be going down with this combo okay, so thanks to every single one who uses code garu there's, a lot of new skins coming up but keep on smashing code garu, as the code does reset every 14 days.

Again, hashtag hashtag partner. I love you guys a lot. I'll catch. You guys,