StarWars Squadron - Review

Star Wars Squadrons – PC,PS4, Xbox ONE – AND VR
3 tier game – Single, Multi and Virtual Reality

You can play as both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance
Split into a ten-hour campaign and two main multiplayer modes, both sides somehow feel completely different despite sharing the same set of controls, with the story favouring immersion and the multiplayer providing more of the compelling star-fighting experience I was looking for. The latter is where Squadrons' gameplay truly comes into its own and is only made better when experienced in the terrifying beauty of VR.
Before you get stuck into the multiplayer, however, you'll probably want to test your piloting skills in the game's campaign mode - which has its moments, but never quite reaches the same heights as the multiplayer.
The game is set after the destruction of the second Death Star, in the strange limbo between the original trilogy and the sequels.
Due to when this is set don’t expect any epic history changing moments. This can be a little frustrating. When you make progress on one side it’s immediately overwritten on by other. This happen a lot towards the end.
Squadrons feels like its about personalities and unique missions some of which are stand out, no spoilers here.
If you want to feel part of the Star Wars universe you will feel this in particular moments. When you chase a ship through tight spaces in a debris field. This will all feel completely unscripted too, which is brilliant. There’s a time in an asteroid field when you have to keep your wits about you.

The main function of the campaign seems to be teaching you how to fly and operate the controls. This is setting you up for multi-player. The ability to transfer power to the shields and the weapons and doing this between front and rear of the ship. The story often feels like its all about teaching you this.
That’s all fine but at times the mission can become bewildering for newcomers. You will also be steered in certain directions on missions. Rather than figure it out and find your own way you often have to follow a certain player to escape. This happens in the asteroid field.

You will enjoy the dog fights but be careful if you up the level of difficulty. If you do this the battles become far more chaotic and it feels like you have no chance at all. You will be hit by random debris or a sip crashing into you or be shot from a long way away. Maybe its closer to the truth but it was a little annoying and no fun.

Where this game really comes into its own is Virtual Reality. If you want to feel part of the Star Wars Universe this is the way to go. You will get a true sense of the world and how large the ships are as you fly across and long side them.
VR also give you something extra in Multi-player. The intensity is higher and as you chase people down to take them out it’s a true game of galactic cat and mouse. You do not get this is single player. You will be able to find where to hide and brand-new routes so you can’t be found. After a while you will gain the fluidity of the controls and go on a killstreak.
Squadrons prevents players from engaging in endless loop-the-loops to kill each other, the answer lies partly in map design
In the early stage’s players will need to pick niftier ships for the initial dogfight, with the aim being to achieve more kills and swing the battle morale meter in their favour
Learning when to time your attacks, switch power to your engines, or swap ship loadouts means there's a fair bit of depth to the multiplayer battles, despite the game only really having two proper multiplayer modes.
You also don’t want to be killed by the AI. If you get a team of friends to play with good communication you can have co-ordinated attacks.
I do think it would be an idea to get scores for support work but this is still all based on the kill/death ratio.
However, this game will make you want to get back into the cockpit and shoot as many enemies as possible. It really does get its teeth into you and make you want to play hour after hour.
If you don’t have a VR set go and get one, this game has to be experienced in a VR set. It is overall thrilling and great ride.