Resident Evil 8 Village - Review

Resident Evil – Viii – Village May – release date 7th 2021
Platforms. Resident Evil 8 was originally scheduled to release on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.
Uses the “RE Engine” as was in Resident Evil 7
A powerful and versatile gaming engine. Photorealistic images and fantastic lighting. Making everything amazing and unsettling…
New monsters and a beast that appears to be a werewolf. Although people may be surprised a werewolf was featured in the comic stories of Resident Evil
Some fans may think its not Resident Evil , but if they want to be the leaders in Horror in gaming they have to push the envelope…and referring back to the history of Resident Evil I think is a good thing.
There’s even Vampires or are they Witches…or an Elitist vampire nest in the castle…
Snowy winter setting gives it a real horror edge. It seems like the perfect horrific setting and makes it more realistic. It has an old rustic feel that gives it a mystic air that works perfectly.
It has first person game play which means you can be your favourite characters and gives you all the excitement you’d ever want from this great series.
There’s even a fabulous gothic castle with the most ornate interiors and realistic furnishings.
The number 8 is in the title but it has been put out as Resident Evil Village, not Resident Evil 8.
They say the Village is the main setting not a stop on a long journey.
Chris Redfield returns with a twist and  Ethan Winters after barely surviving Resident Evil 7 and going off into the sunset with Mia , he never wanted to see another monster again. But the average hero guy is back in this Resident Evil Village…And is a playable Character…
A demo was released just on the Playstation5
Although the demo starts without explanation, just a suggestion that you ‘escape the dungeon’, the implication is that you’re playing as a young girl (the maiden of the title) and perhaps a former maid at the Eastern European castle seen in the Resident Evil Village gameplay trailer.
The implication, in both the trailer and the demo, is that Lady Dimitrescu and her ‘daughters’ are vampires or at least that they drink blood and act like them.
There are also some clear nods to the legends of Elizabeth Báthory, with most of their victims appearing to be young women. What any of this has to do with the typical Resident Evil storyline is a mystery, especially as the main game has you playing as Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7. He’s not in the demo though and neither is Chris Redfield, who was in the first trailer. Instead, you start stuck in a dungeon cell and after finding a helpful (or planted?) letter crammed into a crevice in the wall you’re able to find your way out into the living area above.
Maiden is primarily intended as a tech demo, to show off Resident Evil Village’s next gen graphics, and they’re certainly impressive. Not necessarily anything you wouldn’t mistake for a last gen game at first glance, but the visual effects and level of detail are very good, especially once you get out of the dungeon and see the hugely complex chandelier hanging from the ceiling, reflecting light in a highly realistic manner. Getting out of the dungeon involves nothing more than following the vague instructions on the letter, so it’s unclear whether the main game will have typical Resident Evil style logic puzzles or not. Once you do get up into the main castle though it’s obvious, as it was from the trailer, that the whole thing is designed as a homage to the Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil 1. It’s not a direct copy, and the décor is considerably more lavish, but the stairwell and entrance hall are purposefully reminiscent, as are the rooms adjacent to them. It immediately makes you think of what a first person Resident Evil 1 remake might look like and we’d now be quite surprised if that wasn’t something Capcom was planning down the line. Especially as it would distinguish itself from the existing remake and could include a VR mode. (Resident Evil Village will be fully playable in VR but there’s no such option for the Maiden demo.)