Hitman 3 - Review

If it isn’t broke don’t fix it – worked for 20 years it the same but better. Not a ton of levels but they are all MASSIVE. It’s a fitting finale for Agent47.

Hitman 3 is a rich rewarding and highly playable time and time again. The third instalment of IO’s idiosyncratic but much-loved stealth series. The fundamentals have not changed since 2016 but it’s a collection of really outstanding maps.

This makes for a refined, reliable, and robust curtain-closer to the current Hitman trilogy. This barcoded butcher has made a lot of appearance over the past 20 years, but in Hitman 3 he’s at his best by far.

Although it appears to be more of the same and there is no underlying changes to the proven formula, the graphical upgrades and quality improvement has improved the world to an excellent level of design.it is very cinematic and just full of fun. The crowd scenes are huge as are the levels, although not tons of them they are truly huge.

The game does cash in on what has worked before but why wouldn’t they do that? If it works well people will want it in the game.

It still has all the power, control, and self-determination the trilogy always had. Its like a blend of “operatic Drama and Hi-jinks.” Its no longer in the background.

The game is remarkable and not just for the masterful design it turns the familiar elements on their heads. It brings to bear the accumulated weight of its characters actions crashing down on their heads with devasting consequences.

Hitman 3 is great value with lots of variety. Its hands-down the best trilogy out there. It’s a beautiful sandbox of re-playable murder with some great levels. It’s the perfect swansong for Agent 47