Little Nightmares 2 - Review

Little Nightmares 2 continues the narrative of the last game’s downloadable content

A frighteningly unique game that preyed on our deepest fears in the most fascinating ways.

It can give you bumps in the night in its sweet endearing horrible way.


The sounds, the characters, this deadly game of hide and seek picks up where the original left off, this time with an entirely new set of twisted tormentors hunting you through a variety of dread-inducing locations.


It’s a formula that works, and Little Nightmares 2 certainly has its fair share of exhilarating moments over the course of its fleeting, four-hour duration, but it also plays things a little safe, utilising many of the original’s puzzle-solving and stealth mechanics. Instead of being a shocking new horror.

Takes place in a world whose inhabitants are addicted to television and under control of The Thin Man


New protagonist Mono may look different to the original game’s Six, donning a paper bag mask in place of her distinctive yellow raincoat, but his skill set is largely the same.


The key difference here is Mono’s ability to pick up and wield a handful of different weapons to either smash through specific sections of the scenery, or to swat away smaller enemies.

The gameplay formula remains largely unchanged, but feels larger and more ambitious in scope


Six acts as a handy guide whenever one of Little Nightmares 2’s adult antagonists gives chase, blazing a trail a few yards in front of you and indicating, for instance, which crate to hide behind a split second before a lumbering farmer can unload a shotgun spray.

Each level is themed around a certain environment or monster, such as the school or forest (School teachers long neck is awful and the sound of her spin will give you chivers)


Watch out for the shop window showroom dummies, they are great. They can be stopped with your torch light but in seconds there will be so many of them. They are not slow either although can’t walk well. Very unnerving…

You’ll need to solve a variety of puzzles while also hiding from enemies using stealth mechanics


The game has a more going for it than not. It could have been a little more puzzling and you could have had more help from your companion. By they just seem to help in small ways. At time getting stuck in your way which can be annoying.

Much of the campaign is spent with a companion who you can lead by the hand and with whom you can solve puzzles


All in all if you liked the first one you will like this one.