FiFA 21 Next Level Edition - Review

EA have taken this to another level.

It is a long awaited upgrade that fans have been expecting for a little while. Now it is here and is a really good piece of work.


If you like sports simulator games, then this could be for you. The graphic are gorgeous so much so they really do feel like you are watching a real game. Don’t be surprised if people walk in a start watching like it is a real game. Yes, it’s that good.


EA have totally raised the bar and aimed for perfection. The upgrade has gone so far that all the players tattoos are exactly like their own. All in fine detail.


After a game the players even look like they have just played. Sweating and exhausted. You can even see the sweat on the players heads.


The only thing they’ve missed is the lesser-known players and second-string players who may make the bench once in a while. These players are nowhere to be seen.


The visual aspect of the game has gone to such a higher level even the stadiums themselves are better. The crowd does appear to be more individualistic. The audio moments seem crisper and the crowd celebrations are far better.


The graphics make it an overall better and more enjoyable experience. The movements are far better too. The physical side of the players movements are far more seamless and smoother. Players benefit from this greatly. The players themselves feel far more involved and react better to what is happening.


The interaction is also between players. Especially in the box. They push and jostle to get to the ball. Jumping for a cross they compete. However, you’ll only be allowed to play against people with a next gen console. Because it gives you an advantage.


The animations are more responsive and feel a bit faster than before. You seem to be able to create better angles for shooting easier.

You can however, turn off the “next-gen” features in settings so you can play online with Xbox One and PS4 player should you so wish.


We all like to make improvements to animations and use career mode to feel like we can get our team to the Champions league final. Normally the only way we will ever get there.


The game overall looks far better and more realistic. It is better to play. It also loads really quick.

Now its easy to go from one game to another in seconds.


I’d say this could make people fall in love with football if you are heading out to get a new console then get Fifa 21 next-gen – Xbox Series x and Playstation 5