Control Ultimate Edition - Review

Control: Ultimate Edition PS5 Review


The core gameplay and minute-to-minute action remain unchanged. The gunplay and powers are still brilliant, the environments – though some can get a little samey – are stunning to behold, and an overwhelming number of secrets and collectibles are absolutely worth hunting down.


Both graphics options for the game are massive improvements over their PS4 counterpart.

The Graphics Mode offers a 30 frames-per-second experience, which is what the PS4 version was supposed to be. This new mode is rock solid, and we didn’t so much as see a hiccup in performance, made all the more impressive by the fact it now renders at 1440p and includes ray-tracing.


The vaunted halls of the Bureau of Control are practically all reflective, so this change impacts just about every surface on-screen. It’s one of the best implementations of ray-tracing on PS5.


And that’s to say nothing of the game’s Performance Mode, which swaps out ray-tracing for 60 frames-per-second, all the while continuing to render at 1440p.

And it’s with no small degree of shock that we report this second mode also runs flawlessly.


As impressive as the graphics mode is, we recommend you opt for performance. Between the title’s robust physics systems, particle effects, and frantic combat, the 60 frames-per-second improves the experience drastically.


But as a little cheat, you can turn on the Graphics Mode right before entering Photo Mode to ensure you get the best pictures possible.


Not to say all areas of the PS5 version are this impressive. PS5 DualSense controller implementation is there, but it doesn’t add to the experience as much as other titles.

This applies to firing the Service Weapon as well. Trigger resistance is present but it feels nowhere near as revolutionary as other shooters we’ve played.


3D audio is also extremely impressive

On the PS4 A normal load time has gone from anywhere between 30 seconds and two minutes to something closer to 10 seconds on the PS5.

RESULT: Ultimate Edition represents a great achievement. Between its already impressive gameplay and a robust number of performance upgrades,

Control both looks and feels like a next-gen title. Sussing out secrets and uncovering the myriad mysteries and suspicious happenings tied to one of gaming's most unique and interesting places are better than ever.

For anyone who had been holding off on playing the game, there’s never been a better time to give it a shot.